J Maizlish Mole



J. Maizlish Mole was born in California and is based in London. He releases music as MOLE. His other bands are The Jupiter Band and Marseille Figs. He has lived in New York, London, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Hamburg and Berlin. He has performed, exhibited and recorded under a variety of names, including J. Mole, J. Maizlish Mole and Michigan Flint. He can be followed at @jmaizlishmole .



Presently in production, Danger Island is a new 21-song double album from MOLE. Begun in 2012 and Kickstarted in October/November 2014, the full album is set for release in February 2016. Its first dozen or so tracks will be released as a quarterly series of digital-only EPs throughout 2015.

The album includes a stack of new songs – piano ballads, pop tunes, story songs, crush songs, funeral songs, allegories, elegies and complaints – as well as a handful of old Marseille Figs songs which never got a fair shake in the studio.

Tar Baby, the first EP from Danger Island was released in May 2015.Tar Baby

Tracks by Mole