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Ghost Gamelan

Ghost-Gamelan-CD-LowSusheela Raman has delivered an extraordinary album ‘Ghost Gamelan’, the body of which was which was recorded in Solo, Indonesia. The album is a collaboration with Javanese contemporary gamelan composer Gondrong Guanarto and his team of virtuoso gamelan players. Gamelan, for non-initiates, is the music of Bali and Java, played mostly on tuned gongs, which has long inspired smart western music makers from Debussy, Messaien, Philip Glass and Steve Reich to Sonic Youth.

This is Ramans most evolved songwriting work to date.  ’Going Down’ and ‘Beautiful Moon’ are enigmatic but seductive songs while ‘Rose’ with words by William Blake really pushes the boundaries harmonically and sonically. All tracks are sung in English. They took the risk, not knowing if the musical bridge would hold, and spent a month with Gunarto in Java building gamelan housings for their songs. Whilst being experts in traditional music these Javanese multi-instrumentalists also follow their own avantgarde ‘kontomperer’ adventures. Their music is a multiplicity and their references are global.

Blue Flame

a0180694546_10 Acclaimed singer-songwriter Jon Allen released his highly anticipated new album, ‘Blue Flame’ on May 18th. With a voice that is equal parts Rod Stewart, Van Morrison and Sam Cooke, Jon Allen has an uncanny ability to write songs that feel instantly familiar.
His fourth album, Allen has developed his folk-rock driven sound into a more blue eyed soul approach. While all of Allen’s previous albums contained soulful elements, ‘Blue Flame’ represents the singer’s first out-and-out soul record, bringing a soulful confection of feel-good tunes delivered with Allen’s inimitable whisky-soaked voice.
From the infectious optimism of the album’s opening soul shuffle “Jonah’s Whale” to the resolute “Keep On Walking” and the poignant-yet-hopeful refrain of “Better Day”, Allen illuminates the common experiences of joy, love, loss and change, ultimately reminding us it is what we share that matters more than what divides us.


It’s WAR…

Warface2We are delighted to announce that five piece Electro Rock Band IAMWARFACE have  joined the Wardlaw roster.

IAMWARFACE have taken the pop route but keep it dangerous with a fusion of 80’s style vocals, abstract guitars, moody layered synth riffs and pounding drumbeats. Influences include Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, Kasabian, Muse, Nero, Queens of the Stone Age, Tears For Fears, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Black Keys and MGMT.

First single – ‘Say My Name’ picked up over 40,000 plays on Spotify and was used by Sky Sports across their Football shows.

Eddy Temple-Morris has described their forthcoming single, the haunting love song ‘Closer’ as: “The best thing they’ve ever done…without question one of my tracks of 2018”

Watch this space….


Have Ivors got some news for you……..

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 08.39.13Wizzy Wow has been nominated for The Ivors Best Contempory Song for his contribution to Stormzy’s ‘Don’t Cry For Me’.
This award recognises outstanding originality in songwriting; songs which capture the moment and/or explore the boundaries of contemporary music.

The Ivor Novello Awards, named after the entertainer Ivor Novello, are awards for songwriting and composing, which have been presented annually in London by the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors (BASCA) since 1955.