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Breaking and Exiting

hqdefault‘Breaking and Exiting’ tells the story of a young burglar who breaks into a house only to find the owner, Daisy, about to commit suicide. This interaction sets a crash course of dark comedy throughout the film.

‘Bad Penny’ by Jon Allen has been synced in the film, during the break in scene.

Featuring actors such as Milo Gibson and Jordan Hinson, ‘Breaking and Exiting’ premiered in Los Angeles August 2018.

Designing a Plastic Free World

38218266_10204805687899585_1086061941983543296_nWith the power of social media, it is easy for anyone to spread news or awareness on topics from all corners of the globe. One point of awareness that seems to be highly discussed, yet also to go severely overlooked, is with plastic pollution in the worlds oceans.

Videos from beautiful, tropical locations show waves and waves of plastic bags, bottles, headphones and other plastic based items being washed onto beaches and clogging fishing zones.38085407_10204805691419673_585239197305012224_n

To raise further awareness of this environmental pollution, Vice have been in partnership with Adidas and Parley’s joint venture to design a plastic free world; which involves using discarded plastic to create shoes and items of clothing.

Our very own William Stankay created the score for this documentary, with 90% of the music being original earth noise; including noises and recordings from the Arctic, Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

You can find the documentary here.


grupo-x-sunshine-and-youWith the recent World Cup, football has grasped the hearts of everyone, no matter whether they are fans of football or not.
Carrying on the football fever, Grupo X has partnered up with West Ham United to announce the signing of their newest player, Brazilian international, Felipe Anderson, using their song ‘Sunshine and You’.

Formed in 1997, Grupo X, the 10 piece infusion of latin-soul and jazz, have been notoriously popular within their respective genres; from being regular performers at London’s Jazz Cafe, to playing shows with Joe Bataan, Alfredo Rodriguez and many more. Releasing their first album in 2006 with ‘Food For Your Latin Soul’ the group have steadily been writing and pushing new music out, with their latest release ‘Something going on’ in May 2018, the group are currently touring and working on new music.

We, at Wardlaw music want to congratulate the partnership, and say that we too have #ThatFelipeFeeling.


Opening to PINpositive reviews from around the country, Pincushion, an independent film by Deborah HayWood, features the songs ‘Mirrors’ and ‘The Boulevard Song’ by Wardlaw artist Sally Oldfield.

After moving to a new town, lonely teenager, Iona and her mother, Lyn, who suffers from learning disabilities, begin the process of inventing their lives within this town; much to the despise of their new neighbours and the social hierarchy of Iona’s school.

Pincushion is a tale that focuses on mental abuse and bullying, whilst highlighting the problems caused by these actions.

Released on the 13th of July, Pincushion will be shown across the United Kingdom and U.S.A in various cinemas.

Sound the SIREN….


‘Enemies’ by Hawk Eyes has been synced on Episode 3 of ‘Siren’, an American television drama series that premiered on Freeform March 2018.

The coastal town of Bristol Cove, known for its legend of once being home to mermaids, is turned upside down when a mysterious young woman appears and begins wreaking havoc upon the small fishing town. Marine biologists Ben and Maddie work together to find out who and what drove this primal hunter of the deep sea to land, and are there more like her out there?

‘Live’ in Korea

Live_posterNew South Korean Police drama “Live’ has premiered Korean TV to rave reviews.

Live tells the story of police officers – from the lowest field cadets and patrol officers, to their superiors – as they form the ‘Live’ team at the Hongil patrol division. Wardlaw Music has had 2 songs synced in the first 3 Episodes, ‘Fairy Stories’ by Louise Connell (Reverieme) & ‘In Your Light’ by Jon Allen.

Live, coming to a Netflix near you soon!




Sally Oldfield’s tender song “Blue Water” features in the hit Netflix series ‘Easy’.

It is synced in a scene in Series 2 Episode 8, a few minutes in as Annie bursts into tears.

Enough! Go watch.


Mirrors in the Pin Cushion

PinCushionSally Oldfield’s classic tracks ‘Mirrors’ & ‘Boulevard’ both feature in upcoming British movie ‘Pin Cushion’, a story of super close Mother LYN and daughter IONA who are excited for their new life in a new town. A story told with poetry and colours, about the love between a mother, her daughter and their efforts to fit-in, at the expense of valuing their own unique identity.

The film was premiered at the Venice Film Festival in August, and will be shown at Fantastic Fest in  before general release.

For more details on Sally’s current projects visit here.

I’m nothing without the suit!


‘Game On’ by David Bjoerk features in the trailers for Marvel’s blockbuster ’Spider-Man Homecoming’. The sync was negotiated & administered by Wardlaw Music. Congratulations to David and all at his Publisher Phrased Differently.

“I’m nothing without the suit!”