Adidas/Chelsea FC new kit launch 2013


Artist: Wizzy Wow
Track: “BLUE’

A selection of Chelsea FC players including John Terry, Fernando Torres and Juan Mata were covered in blue paint for a new adidas campaign to launch the new Chelsea team 2013/14 home shirt. Music for the ad was created and produced by Wizzy Wow…


Showtime – Homeland


Artist – Jon Allen
Track – ‘JOANNA’

Jon Allen’s “Joanna” was featured on the Emmy Award winning drama/thriller series Homeland, Series 2 Episode 7. The song plays as source music at a party Brody attends for a D.C. power player.

CBBC/Lion TV – Officially Amazing


Artist – Rob Castell
Various Tracks

Rob Castell composed and performed an original song in each of the 13 episodes of ‘Officially Amazing’ as well as the Title song and end song for each episode. Delving into the Guinness World Records, Officially Amazing reveals the most fascinating records and facts from around the world…

Fox – Bones


Artist – Jon Allen

Jon Allen’s “When The Morning Comes” was featured on the prime time Crime/Comedy Drama Bones, Series 8 Episode 6. In the show, Booth and Brennan have entered a dance competition and dance the waltz to the song.

I, Superbiker – The Day of Reckoning


Artists – Michael Lowley & John Patrick Morgan
Score – ‘I, SUPERBIKER‘ ‘

The ‘I, Superbiker’ movies record the ups and downs of a year in the MCE insurance British Super Bike Championships. The films travel deep into the commitment, psyche & lives of both the riders & teams as they battle to become Britains top Superbiker…