William Stankay

Screenshot 2018-10-25 at 14.12.31William Stankay is a composer, performer & sound designer specialising in atmospheric music production.  In late 2011, he launched Sunfall Records, releasing the debut EP “Prelude to Sunfall” through his own private label.

His work as a film composer includes original scores for Quantum Theatre, fashion designer Deborah Lindquist & adventure filmmaker Danny Strasser. He also has completed original scores for director Jared Passante’s “Pass Me By” and Talia Shea Levin’s “All-Sight”.

His scoring work includes the feature film “A Fancy Piece of Homicide” (directed by Joseph Varhola & starring Bingo O’Malley/Mark Tierno), “Samantha Moonley’s Greatest Feeling” (directed by Garrett Kennell/David Light) and the trailer for the upcoming Lionsgate film Deepwater Horizon”, directed by Peter Berg (Lone Survivor) and starring Mark Wahlberg, Kate Hudson, Dylan O’ Brien, Kurt Russell and John Malkovich.

His sound design work includes a collaboration with composer Jongnic Bontemps for Steven Caple Jr’s “The Land”, and sonic landscapes for composer Steven Lebetkin’s “Cycles of the Earth” ballet.

His work as a composer includes an original ocean-themed score for Vice’s “Designing A Plastic-Free World” campaign for adidas (Using 90% Earth-based sound as instrumentation, including nature sounds captured from the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic Oceans), original music for Powerade’s commercial campaign starring NBA player Damian Lillard and trailer music for the Lionsgate film Deepwater Horizon.

He is currently working on the debut albums in the Earthtones series, slated for release in 2018-19. He is also currently scoring the upcoming documentary “Blood Memory”, directed by Drew Nicholas.

See more of his work at his website: http://williamstankay.com/

WAV/Instrumentals available on request info@wardlawmusic.com