This is a short story about a gang (Harry, Anthony, Pert and Matt) from Leeds called Brawlers. In 2014 they started a band and released an EP, entitled ‘I Am A Worthless Piece of Shit’ on Alcopop! Records. People loved it.

Brawlers then put out an album called ‘Romantic Errors of Our Youth’, which was an emotional (brought on by much beer) journey through love and hate. Once more, it was met with much love! “Drink & Dial” in particular – a cautionary tale about messing up by drunk dialling the ex, was something that struck a chord with many.

This is an indie-punk-rock band with a brawlish attitude to life; exciting and energising, you won’t be tapping the steering wheel to their hard rock tunes.

WAV/Instrumentals available on request