Carmelo Luggeri

Carmelo Luggeri’s abilities as a guitarist, composer and producer have taken him on a rich and interesting musical path over the last two decades. Carmelo is mainly self-taught with some classical training. He was signed to Bill Wyman’s Ripple Productions as a writer, collaborating with him on several projects. He worked with Julian Lennon and they co-wrote “OK FOR YOU” on the multi-million selling album “VALOTTE”. Carmelo has performed and recorded with a wide variety of artists including Andy Williams, Paul Rogers, Kenny Jones, Phil ‘Animal’ Taylor (Motorhead), Ray Cooper(Elton John), Chris Rea, Jack Hues(Wang Chung), Pete Sinfield(King Crimson, ELP, Celine Dion) and Ralph McTell.

For Billy Connolly he created the “Watzin’ Matilda” re-work used for the “WORLD TOUR OF AUSTRALIA” series and produced “STEALIN’” for the film “STILL CRAZY” starring Jimmy Nail. During a spell living in San Francisco, Carmelo produced and wrote tracks for the west coast soul outfit ‘SFO’ featuring vocalists Martin Scott and Rudi Wilburn from ‘Pride and Joy’.

After being commissioned to make acoustic albums for TV and film, Carmelo’s interest in acoustic and ethnic music grew. This coincided with his meeting with Kiki Dee, when he co-produced two tracks with Gregg Penny (KD Lang, Elton John) for her Greatest Hits Album. This meeting was the start of Kiki and Carmelo’s musical collaboration which led to their acoustic album ‘Almost Naked’ and UK tours.

Studio albums with Kiki Dee followed, Where Rivers Meet (1998), The Walk Of Faith (2005) andA Place Where I Can Go (2013).

Catch them on what’s shaping up to be a hugely popular with sold out shows all over the country!

WAV/Instrumentals available on request