Michael Lowley

Michael_LowleyMichael Lowley is an English composer, arranger and songwriter, who utilises an eclectic and multi-instrumental musical education, to craft unique musically driven entertainment for a variety of media. He began playing the piano at the age of eleven, and received a traditional classical education, which saw him go on to gain a performance diploma, and give concerts both in the UK and internationally. He also holds a First Class Bachelors of Science from University College London, and is a qualified medical doctor, having gained Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery from Imperial College London.

In 2010, he composed and arranged much of “Play”, the fifth studio album of celebrated classical-crossover quartet Bond, who with over four million albums sold, have been described as the best selling string quartet in history. His compositional contributions to the album, including the headline single “Diablo”, constitute an effortless and emotive interweaving of influences and systems of musical thought. The resultant tonal palate, in which lavish romantic harmonies sit comfortably aside the chromaticism of Indian raga, with a vibrant colouring of London grime, for example, typify his compositional versatility, and holistic appreciation of the musical form.

He has also written numerous musical contributions for television and radio, including soundtracks to the leading BBC drama Hustle, the enigmatic thriller Injustice for ITV, and most recently the big budget BBC crime sensation Death in Paradise,which saw him work with long time collaborator Magnus Fiennes.