Pete Diggens

0Since 1999 [when he won an award for co-writing, producing a series of ads for Sci-Fi Channel in the UK ], Pete has been working on music and sound for commercials. Since then he’s produced music for hundreds of spots for the likes of Coke, 02, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Friends of the Earth, Mazda, Sky, Pot Noodle, and Channel 4.

In the early 90’s he formed Dark Globe with Matt Frost releasing a brace of early experimental house tracks with house legends ‘Leftfields’ Hard Hands label, they were credited by some as having started ‘Breaks/Tech’ music when they combined Drum and Bass, Human Beatboxing with techno on the track ‘Algorhythm’ released on their own label as a side project.

In 2000 they appeared at Glastonbury and released their first album ‘Tales of Dirt and Sparks’ on DJ Meat Katies label and their twisted breaks and superheavy guitar track ‘Bug on the lens’ was used for the most watched ad spot in the universe when it soundtracked the Tomb Raider ‘Cradle of Life’ Trailer at half time at the Superbowl in 2003.

After a flirtation with Island records in 2004 and the Radio 1 playlist, Dark Globe then moved into writing more vocal orientated tracks with their much loved ‘Break My World’ featuring Amanda Ghost. The subsequent album featured half vocal and half instrumental tracks with musicians as diverse as Tom Verlaine, Boy George, Silja and Imogen Andrews.

2009 saw the launch of Pete’s new venture, ‘The Aurophonic Workshop‘ which represents other talented international composers in a fair and ethical way in the advertising and broadcast industry.

WAV/Instrumentals available on request