Rodney Branigan

Screenshot 2018-10-24 at 14.41.47Artists are often described as having “a unique talent”, few epitomise this more than multi instrumentalist Rodney Branigan. In fact, Texan-born Rodney’s talents as a musician are as plentiful as the many instruments he expertly plays side by side.

The London based singer/songwriter masterfully plays two guitars at once or both guitar and piano simultaneously. However, it is his ability to mix this extraordinary skill with his own heartfelt lyrics and rich, soulful voice that have led to Rodney Branigan becoming one of the most followed global performers of the moment.

“The revelation of the year or even the decade” (Crossroads Magazine, France)

A passion for musical diversity has seen Rodney travel the world with his own, inimitable style of musicianship. Having toured his native America coast-to-coast, Rodney’s desire to share his fusion of organic progressive folk with undertones of rock, flamenco, classical, bluegrass and jazz have also seen him play China as well as France, Germany and Switzerland; earning him love from new fans and respect from established musicians alike.

Rodney Branigan the songwriter is a truly gifted man. Rodney Branigan the performer has to be seen to be believed. The headline act at The Isle of Bute International Guitar Festival in 2011, Rodney has featured on the same line-up as Jethro Tull and Billy Bragg; as well as electrifying the crowds at that most iconic of all festivals, Glastonbury.

Rodney’s talent is equalled only by his commitment to his fans and following on from his sponsored national tour with The Times Of India in 2007, his ever expanding resume now includes an annual tour of India (playing not only in the Himalayas but also supporting the country’s biggest rock band, Pentagram).

“Rodney Branigan is one of the most amazing artists you will ever see. Not simply because he is unique, but rather because he is impossibly talented” (Music Connection Magazine)

Fans across the globe are enraptured by Rodney Branigan’s abilities; fans that include both his peers and the music media. The personal, searching lyrics of his songwriting married with his stand-out ability as a musician have gained him recognition and appreciation from BBC Radio as well as a host of music publications including: MI Pro; Music Maker; Acoustic Guitar; and Guitar Techniques.

“Leave to cross France from end to end, because this is what we call a real discovery. A contemporary musician as innovative as the Boulez was in his time” (Paris Moves)

As well as playing to packed out crowds of captivated fans throughout the world, Rodney Branigan’s energy for creating music he truly believes in is something he actively shares with musicians at all stages of their careers. During his tour of China, Rodney was asked to guest lecture at a number of music conservatories and universities throughout the country and regularly hosts workshops around the UK teaching finger style technical courses to accomplished players. In 2011 he hosted the Progressive Fingerstyle Course at the International Guitar Foundation’s Festival and Summer School in the UK.

A desire to share music and entertain audiences is the driving force which has led to Rodney working alongside the young musicians of the future in order to focus their dreams. Each year he forms part of the Access to Music “Band Factory” team, a project encouraging children to learn directly from the professionals themselves and discover ‘how to be in a band’. A proud patron of the award winning ‘Re Play Music Project’, Rodney also actively helps to run workshops at Glastonbury, giving children the opportunity to pick up new instruments, gain new skills and build their confidence. Having wowed the crowds at Glastonbury with his own performances, in 2008 he trained the youngest ever band to appear at the festival when he led 35 children to perform live on stage.

Rodney’s achievements as an artist and ambassador continue to gain recognition worldwide. Such recognition was highlighted when he was revealed as the ‘Face of Yamaha’, regularly featuring on the official website and endorsing the LL guitar series. Rodney plays the AC3 and LLX16 and is honoured to represent Yamaha at music industry events across Europe. As his phenomenal following increases, endorsement opportunities flood in; yet his love of music and the belief in his art remain the same as they did back in those early days in Texas. It is for this reason that he only selects top companies to endorse such as T.C. Electronic, D’addario Strings, Wide Ride Straps, Logarhythm Stompboxes and MCS Clothing.

A multi-talented musician; a voice that delivers honest, self-penned lyrics with soul and feeling; a globally recognised performer; an inspiration to a new generation of musicians; an equal amongst his peers; it is fair to say that Rodney Branigan’s future is as bright as the musical landscape he is now so pivotal in shaping.