Simon Shackleton

Simon Shackleton is an award winning electronic musician, photographer and DJ based in the UK. Simon has over 20 years experience in the music industry, leaving Exeter University with a master’s degree in Classical Composition, where he formed the Headless Chickens with Thom Yorke.

Simon has gone on to play and DJ around the world in various guises, as well as running multiple award winning record labels including Scene & Herd, Stereophoenix, U & A Recordings and Fused & Bruised. His music has appeared in films like the Matrix, Arlington Road and Charlie’s Angels, as well as video games such as FIFA, Wipeout and Motorstorm Apocalypse, which he co wrote with Oscar Winning composer Klaus Badelt (Pirates of the Caribbean).

Simon has also worked on music for adverts, for brands such as Carling, BMW, Kelloggs and Land Rover.

Although he previously made music under a number of aliases such as Lunatic Calm, Elite Force and Zodiac Cartel, in recent years Simon has carved out a very renowned and respected career as a DJ, playing heroically long house and techno sets under his own name in locations all around the world. His One Series events (One DJ, one room, one night) encapsulates his sense of community spirit, bringing together a devoted fan base and network of collaborators throughout the world.

Simon’s first album in 10 years was released in 2016 via a highly successful crowdfunding campaign that reached 250% of its goal. The album is a diverse mix of different styles and sticks true to Simon’s goal of producing electronic music ‘with a heart and soul’.

Simons awards include: Breakspoll Award 2011 – Best Producer
Beatport Award 2011 – Best Selling Breaks Track (M.A.D.)
Breakspoll Award 2011 – Best Record Label (U&A)