A four-piece British rock band from London who offer catchy rock riffs blended with a grandeur orchestral sound, are bringing a new shape to the musical landscape.

Starling was born in 2008 after friends Dan, Craig, Sol and Vanessa, discovered a shared passion for creating music that doesn’t just make you want to move your feet, but also moves your heart. Having toured extensively across the UK playing at venues including London’s prestigious O2 Arena and on BBC Radio, the band have already gained a strong fan base who are eagerly awaiting this ground breaking album set to be released in 2014.

The band’s decision to produce the album themselves has given Starling the musical freedom to develop their own distinctive sound which sets them apart from their ‘manufactured’ counterparts. They refuse to be put in a mould, instead they continue to forge their own shape and style. This brings a refreshing musical authenticity to Starling that is loved by an ever-growing audience. Starling don’t just demand your attention, they take you on a musical journey coloured with passion, grit and emotion. From the catchy guitar-driven rock riffs of ‘Lights’, to the emotionally tender stripped back acoustic vibe of ‘You let me go’, the band fill every track with their unique Starling sound.

For Starling, music shouldn’t just be played – it should be felt, and they skilfully communicate with a genuineness and emotional intensity that connects with their audience. Tracks such as ‘You can feel love’ and ‘Dream again’ have an anthemic feel, with soaring strings and gigantic riffs. This is rock with a heart, it beats loudly with a fresh, exciting vibrancy.

Starling are well known for their atmospheric and emotionally uplifting live performances. The distinctive vocals and energy of charismatic front man Daniel James and the compelling onstage musical synergy of Starling draw you in. You feel like you’ve been invited to join four friends on the night out of their life. Starling’s tunes have a way of getting inside your head and before you know it you’ll be singing along.

WAV/Instrumentals available on request