Stephen Hodd

Scots born Singer/Songwriter Stephen William Hodd learned his craft growing up in the wilds of the South West of Ireland among the rolling hills and serrated peaks of the Iveragh Peninsula in Co. Kerry. 

Influenced by the rawness of Irish singer/songwriters such as Glen Hansard, Damien Dempsey & Mundy, and drawing upon the organic alt-country imagery of Bonnie Prince Billy and the experimental production techniques of artists such as Bon Iver & Low he weaves a bold and powerful voice atop an intricate river of acoustic fingerpicked notes and rhythmically driven strummed chords, cascading loops and experimental sonic events.

“Life has a way of pushing you to the point of no return.. That place where you realise that it isn’t going to let up. You have to build your defences and hold firm. For me, songwriting is a way of maintaining softness behind the dam I put up for protection, so I don’t become too hard inside.”.

Finding himself living in London in the late 00’s he began playing, writing and touring with Lou Rhodes of the band Lamb, whose solo career was taking off, and subsequently with Brighton based Mike Rosenberg (Passenger) with whom he embarked on several busking tours and US jaunts. 

Stephen William Hodd releases music under evolving project names such as Pillarcat and Ragged Rebel City, as well as under his own name.