The Blackheart Orchestra

FullSizeRender (9)-1The Blackheart Orchestra are award-winning British songwriters, composers and multi-instrumentalist duo Chrissy Mostyn & Richard Pilkington. The band blend musical styles in a non-conformist way seamlessly sidestepping boundaries to create their unique, highly individual, emotion-drenched music.

Combining fragility and pulsing electronica, The Blackheart Orchestra’s experimental approach combines acoustic instrumental dexterity and 80’s synthesisers with classical composition. Their music was recently used on a national brand TV commercial and their song ‘I’m Yours’ is the soundtrack for new Best Director and Best Actress winning cult sci-fi movie, Charlie and Me.

One moment their sound is minimal and fragile, weaving melodies and atmospherics with silence to create ethereal musical landscapes that leave audiences and critics describing their music as haunting, enchanting and captivating. The next, they build a mountain-like wall of sound with vast energetic symphonic climaxes.

The Blackheart Orchestra can be found on stage with a multitude of instruments as they continuously change from electric and acoustic guitars, bowed guitar, piano, bass and electronic percussion to vintage synthesisers, omnichord, melodica and flugelhorn.

Voted Best British Duo at London’s Exposure Music Awards and scoring second place in the Album of the Year Category in the US Indie Music Awards, the band have drawn comparisons to Kate Bush, Ellie Goulding, London Grammar, Pink Floyd, Steve Reich and Ludovico Einaudi.

Their new album ‘Diving for Roses’ and mesmerising live shows continue to receive rapturous reviews and the band continue to print their unique mark on the music scene.

“Fantastically creative. Utterly magical.” BBC


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