Vanessa James

42719789_1868387913209816_1308931978271129600_oVanessa James is a motion picture composer. She has worked in the film/TV/advertising music business professionally since 2004, although composing and playing from about the age of five. She has a degree in music composition and studied with Prof Philip Wilby (composer for the BBC) and Mic Spencer (modern classical composer).

She’s scored for various formats including LA feature films; international short films with screenings at Cannes/Berlin/Rotterdam Film Festivals; feature documentaries and adverts with global broadcasting on terrestrial and cable channels, and for various companies including the 2011 solo piano Hyundai advert, Apple, Halifax and Kinder.

In 2011, Vanessa released ‘Paintings on Piano’, a collection of short stories told on solo piano. Vanessa used her experience in scoring for film and television to create each piece with a story and journey in mind. Tracks such as ‘Dandelions in the Wind’ or ‘The House I Grew Up In’ infuse the listener’s imagination to re-create their own pictures, and experience the atmosphere of each story; or simply to allow the beauty of the solo piano to carry listeners on an emotive journey.

Inspired by the pictures in her mind, Vanessa James has created eleven beautifully rich and moving musical experiences that mirror the many facets of the human emotions. She has captured and musically retold memories and events of her life so far. ‘Paintings on Piano’ is an autobiographical piece that brings a soundtrack to our lives.

Although it is a classical album, it also incorporates filmic and even some popular music influences. It is passionately played and features some ethereal piano effects, solo cello, and a duet. The composer performed all the pieces as well as designing and illustrating the album artwork.

As well as composition, she writes and plays keyboard/synths in the orchestral anthemic rock band ‘Starling’.

WAV/Instrumentals available on request