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Brawler web2

We got no quarrel with BRAWLERS, in fact, we’ve recently made friends!! Yes! Brawlers have joined the family! We are so excited to work with these massively talented boys. Following the release of their album ‘ROMANTIC ERRORS OF OUR YOUTH’ (KKKK- Kerrang!) earlier this year, these Leeds likely lads, who play hard, work hard and drink hard, have a massive year ahead of them.  Currently supporting Lower Than Atlantis, December 7th-11th 2015 across the UK.  Then after a bit of a breather (and some Christmas spirit) they’ll be getting some sun down under when they support Luca Brasi ( in Australia, next month, January 2016.

Heaven Knows

VForeroBritish / Colombiansinger songwriter Vanessa Forero has released her stunning debut single ‘Heaven Knows’.

“Sumptuously rippling guitars roll like water over age smoothed pebbles before Forero’s smooth but assured voice breaks over the horizon like the most gloriously golden sunrise you’ve ever seen. A subtle stomping beat joins in and suddenly that South American passion and vista is there for everyone to see, hear and generally be in awe of. There are so many influences at play here from the country guitars, and English folk to Navajo yelps and I swear there’s a Didgeridoo in there somewhere as well.  If you haven’t checked it out yet then you need to but this is also a great example to anyone out there to create music that is true to your own convictions and passions. Beautiful music.”

Can’t Stop

Can’t Stop is the first single from Leon Lour, out now on FFRR.

Leon Lour is a producer and DJ out of London with a novel stance on house music. Leon has proven his innovative spirit with a range of cutting edge sounds that have landed him a new deal with Pete Tong’s FFRR imprint.