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Rock in Idro

RockIdroBoth Hawk Eyes & The Pogues will be playing this year’s Rock in Idro festival.

Hawk Eyes take to the stage on day 3, alongside IRON MAIDEN.

The Pogues headline Day 2, of a Festival that includes performances from amongst others, Queens Of The Stone Age, Fatboy Slom, Biffy Clyro, Manic Street Preachers.

The four day Festival will be held at Arena Joe Strummer, Bologna between May 30th – June 2nd.

Return of the Queen

SR Queen BetweenSusheela Raman releases her new album ‘Queen Between’ this month. It is an album of rousing rhythms, and again documents her work with Rajasthani folk stars, vocalist-multi-instrumentalist Kutle Khan and stick drummer Nathoo Solanki. Susheela is playing dates across India, France & the UK to support the release.

“Another magical collaboration with qawwali musicians from Lahore, songs delving deep into mysticism and folkore”

Frogs…yum, yum

Secrets&LiesAustralian TV drama “Secrets & Lies” synced the track “Five Little Speckled Frogs” as  arranged by Olly Drew/MyVoxSongs in a moving funeral scene. The hit series tells the story of a man who finds the body of a young boy quickly becomes the prime murder suspect, putting his life and his family at risk.

Streaming is the future of music – UK singles chart – Spotify

spotify_logo_01In 2014, for the first time, streaming is to be included in the UK singles chart. So, for the first time since charts started over 50 years ago, the addition of streaming will take into account consumption based not on purchase but on hearing something, without actually owning it. Some charts, notably in the US take account of airplay as well as sales, something the UK has always resisted. With streaming, the consumer chooses what to listen to, in the same way as with physical purchase, whereas with airplay, the radio station chooses the music. What the UK chart compilers must ensure is the integrity of the data, to ensure that music users can trust the output.

At present, Spotify dominates the streaming world. Sweden, Spotify’s home, has included streaming data in its charts for the past year. Moving forward, if the example of Sweden is followed, Streaming will have a more important financial role. In 2012, Streaming accounted for approximately 60% of income compared to 10% in the UK. Spotify, and other streaming services, have a big role to play in music’s future.


10 Tales from the Gin Palace

Peckham GinPSouth London Blues rockers ‘The Peckham Cowboys’ release their new album ’10 Tales from the Gin Palace’ on Cargo Records this month. “…. if The Rolling Stones had come up with this, it would have been heralded as the best thing they’ve done since the early 70s…” PowerPlay Magazine

Death In Paradise – BBC TV – Magnus Fiennes

DiPFollowing on from his scoring of series 1 & 2, Magnus Fiennes has created all original music for series 3 of BBC primetime drama Death In Paradise.
Death in Paradise is a fish out of water story about a quintessential English cop posted to the Caribbean island of Sainte Marie. To anyone else it would be paradise, but for Detective Inspector Richard Poole it’s hell! Totally unsuited to the Caribbean way of life, Richard hates the sun, sea and sand and isn’t used to their style of policing. But he is a brilliant detective whose first case on the island is investigating the murder of a British cop. Working with the exotic local Camille, each week Richard goes about solving an intricate and intriguing murder.
The series, a BBC co-production with France Television, has also been broadcast in Australia, Japan, USA, and throughout Europe.

Hill Valley High

HVHWe welcome Hill Valley High to our roster.

A 5-piece pop/pop punk group from Telford, England, Hill Valley High formed in 2006. Influences include bands such as Foo Fighters, Oasis, YouMe@6, All Time Low, Blink 182, Mcfly, Young Guns and Biffy.

Starting out writing tunes and playing shows around Telford and Birmingham, slowly but surely the band built up a local following. In 2009, through a Myspace campaign, Hill Valley High toured Brazil playing 10 sold out shows across the country.

Over the past couple of years the band have opened for Elliot Minor, Tinie Tempah, We Are the Ocean, Pendulum DJs, amongst others.

2013 saw the release of their debut 6 track mini album, produced by Larry Hibbit from ‘Hundred Reasons’. Tracks ‘All Fall Down’ & ‘Move Closer’ both received support from Kerrang & Scuzzz.

2014 sees the band back in the studio and touring Europe.

2014 – A New Year

2014So, we have said farewell to 2013 and already broken our resolutions for 2014.

Except a few. We can guarantee that 2014 will see new music from @HAWKEYESBAND, @susheelaraman, @PeteWayOfficial, @_PeckhamCowboys, @hillvalleyhigh, @gunofficialuk, @starlingband, @LeonLour, @wizzywow, @cmacconiomaire, @dan_reed, @roesymusic, @MaxiPriest.

To quote Anatole France – “To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.”

BBC Sound of 2014: where have the bands gone?

sound_of_2014Interesting article by Ben Myers in the Guardian on December 02, BBC Sound of 2014: where have the bands gone? Of this years shortlisted acts, 12 are solo artists with the remaining 3 being duos. As Ben states, “this list takes the middle path”. Following release of the list, BBC News reported that “bands are out of fashion”.  This is certainly not the case, but with record labels cutting back on budgets, it is easier for solo acts to be ‘developed’ rather than a 6 piece band.

As for the shortlist, is Ben’s conclusion correct, “that this list is the inevitable outcome of an ailing business wracked by years of bad decisions and wasted money, and a public who simply no longer want to pay for their art. In times of crisis all risky creative bets are off”. Or, is the list truly about the genuine talent out there or is it about artists signed to labels who are promoted for inclusion.