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Today sees the unearthing of more musical treasures from Simon Shackleton. This time we hear the gritty, steely beats of his releases under the alias Futurecore from 1996-1998, making a regular appearance on the John Peel show during that time period.

Track Of The Week- ‘Catalogue Kids’

Track of The Week!

This week we bring you the brand new track from Southend-On-Sea’s finest, Asylums.

‘Catalogue Kids’is the first single from their bands hotly anticipated 3rd album, which the band recorded in Chicago in Electrical Audio Studios with legendary producer Steve Albini.

Order your tickets for the bands special headline show at Moth Club, Hackney here:

Go and get stuck in!

Track Of The Week- ‘Crossed The Line’

This week’s track of the week is the brand spanking new version of ‘Crossed The Line’ by Louise Connell featuring fellow Wardlaw artist Sharon Shannon on accordion!

The two artists manage to get together last year to record this new version of the track from the epic double album ‘Squall Echo Rale’.

Fall about laughing with the slapstick video!

Crossed The Line

Out today is a special version of ‘Crossed The Line’.

Building on the original, originally released on the mammoth double album ‘Squall Echo Rale’ (2019) it adds in fellow Wardlaw artist Sharon Shannon on accordion!

Check out the slapstick video below!

Track Of The Week- ‘Little Monsters’

This year we’re going to be bringing you a new track for your listening pleasure every Friday!

Starting the year off we have this Sci-Fi tinged delight from Paperface, ‘Little Monsters’. 

Taken off the album ‘Love In The Time OF Florida’, the track now has an amazing animated video by Cristian Wiesenfeld to accompany it!

Synchromesh – From the Vaults (Vol.1)

Today sees the release of a collection of music from Simon Shackleton’s ‘Synchromesh’ alias, which was something of a bonkers sound lab prototype for his later Elite Force work. The earliest Synchromesh productions date back to 1992 with music ranging from deep and dirty lo-fi trip-hop to proto acid-breaks to frenetic jackhammer junglist beats – think Renegade Soundwave, Meat Beat Manifesto, DJ Shadow, Depthcharge, Mo Wax, Ninja Tune and you’ll be in the right ballpark.

This collection contains over 80 minutes of previously unreleased material, all lovingly remastered for the present day.

Listen/buy here.

Little Monsters!

Do you worry about aliens abducting cows? Well, so do we!

Feast your eyes on the brilliant new video for ‘Little Monsters’ by Paperface, with animation by Cristian Wiesenfeld.

‘Little Monsters’ is taken from Paperface’s 2019 album Love In The Time Of Florida.

Indulge in 50’s sci fi side below: