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2014 – A New Year

2014So, we have said farewell to 2013 and already broken our resolutions for 2014.

Except a few. We can guarantee that 2014 will see new music from @HAWKEYESBAND, @susheelaraman, @PeteWayOfficial, @_PeckhamCowboys, @hillvalleyhigh, @gunofficialuk, @starlingband, @LeonLour, @wizzywow, @cmacconiomaire, @dan_reed, @roesymusic, @MaxiPriest.

To quote Anatole France – “To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.”

BBC Sound of 2014: where have the bands gone?

sound_of_2014Interesting article by Ben Myers in the Guardian on December 02, BBC Sound of 2014: where have the bands gone? Of this years shortlisted acts, 12 are solo artists with the remaining 3 being duos. As Ben states, “this list takes the middle path”. Following release of the list, BBC News reported that “bands are out of fashion”.  This is certainly not the case, but with record labels cutting back on budgets, it is easier for solo acts to be ‘developed’ rather than a 6 piece band.

As for the shortlist, is Ben’s conclusion correct, “that this list is the inevitable outcome of an ailing business wracked by years of bad decisions and wasted money, and a public who simply no longer want to pay for their art. In times of crisis all risky creative bets are off”. Or, is the list truly about the genuine talent out there or is it about artists signed to labels who are promoted for inclusion.


Give me your property – for free…

Free imageUK electronic artist ‘Whitey’ has slammed a TV company for asking to use his music for free.  Whitey bemoans the TV industry’s “culturally ingrained disdain for the musician” in an email to the production company, which can be seen in full here. Although not directly related, his comments echo those recently of David Byrne and Thom Yorke, concerning the availability and use of music.

Whitey further states on his Facebook page, “I want a loud dialogue started in the music press about this shit. I’m sick of these people. I propose a collective blacklist of companies that play this shabby angle, enough.  I donate music all the time to indie projects, students and those who need it but cannot pay. But these people… ugh”

In the internet age, file sharing and the accessibility of music, many people’s value for music has declined. With many other creative industries also, the promise of promotion and exposure, that very rarely occurs, in exchange for free work or content is all too common.

The debate continues.

Little Mix – Move

LittleMix1Little Mix’s new single ‘Move’  is co-written by Maegan Cottone & Nathan Duvall, writers signed to Phrased Differently and administered by Wardlaw Music. ‘Move’ is the first single from the Little Mix’s second album ‘Salute’ and will be released globally on November 3rd.

Maegan has also co-written ‘Salute’ the title track to the new Little Mix album, together with the track ‘Competition’.

‘The internet will suck all creative content out of the world’

David ByrneRespected musician David Byrne outlined his thoughts on the music streaming debate in an article for The Guardian, published on October 11. His summary, “The boom in digital streaming may generate profits for record labels and free content for consumers, but it spells disaster for today’s artists across the creative industries”.

He does not have an answer to the perceived problem, but highlights his belief that many new artists will struggle financially to survive in the music industry.

See the whole Guardian article here.

David Byrne raises valid issues for content creators with streaming services. However, the technology is here and streaming sites exist, and will continue to do so. The internet has opened avenues not previously accessible to musicians. On the other hand, the internet makes many people believe that creativity doesn’t matter. Streaming’s still in it’s infancy, much will happen over the next few years. Only one thing is clear*, we want creative talent and real music.

(*although not clear if MP3, listened to on a smartphone)

A Place Where I Can Go

place-where-i-can-go-300x300Wardlaw Music artists Kiki Dee & Carmelo Luggeri release their new album ‘A Place Where I Can Go’ on September 30. They kick off a UK tour on September 25 in Newcastle, full details here.

The first single from the album, the beautiful ‘Sidesteppin’ (With A Soulman) is available now.

Fall on the Road


Enchanted_too bigSeveral of our artists are hitting the road this autumn, touring the UK & beyond.

▪ Hawk Eyes – having released their EP, ‘That’s What This Is’ in August, they are touring the UK supporting ‘Black Spiders’ this October/November


▪ Promoting their new album ‘A Place Where I Can Go’, Kiki Dee & Carmelo Luggeri take to the road this month details here

▪ Dan Reed is on an acoustic tour of Europe, culminating in a headline appearance with ‘The Dan Reed Network’ at the ‘Enchanted UK’ festival on October 12

▪ GUN are back on tour, playing Spain & Portugal this month before returning to the UK stage in December

▪ Susheela Raman plays the UK and France this October, before going back into the studio to finish recording her new album for release next Spring dates here



We’re ‘Doing OK’

Doing OKWretch 32’s new single “Doing OK’ featuring Jacob Banks is co-written by Abbas Shah talented guitarist & songwriter signed to Renowned Publishing and administered by Wardlaw Music.

Abbas also co-wrote the Jacob Banks track ‘Kids on the Corner’ that was recently synced in the Channel 4 drama ‘Top Boy 2’. Abbas continues to write with ‘Renowned’ artist Jacob, recently signed to Atlantic Records.

Debsey Wykes joins Wardlaw Music’s roster

DebseyWe welcome Debsey to our roster.

Debsey formed her first band Dolly Mixture in Cambridge in 1978 with friends Rachel Bor and Hester Smith while still at school. Championed by John Peel the girls were soon playing regularly in London where they became the darlings of the music press.

They signed to Chrysalis Records and toured extensively for the next few years both as headliners and as support for groups including, Dexy’s Midnight Runners, The Undertones, The Beat and The Jam. In 1981 they signed to Paul Weller’s Respond label releasing two singles. Around the same time they also backed Captain Sensible on his 1982 number one hit Happy Talk.

Debsey continued to play and write throughout the eighties brfore joining Saint Etienne‘s live set up in the early nineties. When Saint Etienne took a sabbatical in 1995, Debsey and guitarist Paul Kelly formed Birdie who would release several singles and three albums.

Debsey lives in London where she continues to write songs. She plays extensively around the world with Saint Etienne as well as making occasional appearances singing and playing bass guitar with Birdie.