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Sally Oldfield’s tender song “Blue Water” features in the hit Netflix series ‘Easy’.

It is synced in a scene in Series 2 Episode 8, a few minutes in as Annie bursts into tears.

Enough! Go watch.


Mirrors in the Pin Cushion

PinCushionSally Oldfield’s classic tracks ‘Mirrors’ & ‘Boulevard’ both feature in upcoming British movie ‘Pin Cushion’, a story of super close Mother LYN and daughter IONA who are excited for their new life in a new town. A story told with poetry and colours, about the love between a mother, her daughter and their efforts to fit-in, at the expense of valuing their own unique identity.

The film was premiered at the Venice Film Festival in August, and will be shown at Fantastic Fest in  before general release.

For more details on Sally’s current projects visit here.

I’m nothing without the suit!


‘Game On’ by David Bjoerk features in the trailers for Marvel’s blockbuster ’Spider-Man Homecoming’. The sync was negotiated & administered by Wardlaw Music. Congratulations to David and all at his Publisher Phrased Differently.

“I’m nothing without the suit!”

MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’

Teen_Wolf_Season_6_Part_1‘Game On’ by Siberia features in MTV’s supernatural drama ’Teen Wolf’. Administered by Wardlaw Music. Congratulations to writer David Bjoerk and all at Phrased Differently.

“What is everyone afraid of?”

“Us. We don’t know what fear will do to someone. It could change them. They could look at us differently. They would do things they’ve never done before.”

Powerade and NCAA March Madness

Bill Stankey recently worked alongside Powerade and advertising agency Wieden and Kennedy to score Powerade’s latest commercial campaign. The campaign stars NBA player Damian Lillard who plays for the Portland Trailblazers, and it first aired on television during the 2017 NCAA March Madness tournament. The campaign features original sound design by Bill, including unusual percussion sounds taken from basketballs and mailboxes.