Dan Reed

5b31f2db8305aDan Reed started his music career in 1985 as the frontman of the Dan Reed Network. The band released three very successful albums to much critical and commercial success between 1988 and 1992, and toured with many bands including Run-D.M.C., UB40, David Bowie, Bon Jovi and the Rolling Stones. Reed has taken a long journey in this industry, coming back recently in 2008, writing and performing new music with experiences with the “rock star image” behind him.

In the 1990’s he started an independent record company in his hometown of Portland, Oregon to help promote local Northwest bands, while at the same time studying acting. Dan was cast in a number of plays and small role’s in television and film projects, and was given great reviews for his performances, which gave him confidence to take it to the next logical step: screenplay writing. Zigzag, a script penned by Dan, caught the eye of a local production company in Portland and was produced in 1997 with Mr. Reed playing the leading role. The film reached the Top 20 in Billboard’s home video rental category.

In 2018 Dan Reed Network released the album “Origins” was recorded in 4 different studios across the globe. Creating a unique experience for the band and fans alike, eager speactors were invited into the studio to watch the recording sessions, with the band playing to 500 fans across the span of the six months of recording time. “We felt we were in the unique position to make this an immersive global event and break down the boundaries between those who love creating music and those love enjoying it,” Dan Reed reflects, “Each studio provided its own variety of motivation. Whether that be the knowledge of artists of who’d recorded there in the past, personal memories of the location we were in or the friendly faces watching on and inspiring us directly.”

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