Designing a Plastic Free World

38218266_10204805687899585_1086061941983543296_nWith the power of social media, it is easy for anyone to spread news or awareness on topics from all corners of the globe. One point of awareness that seems to be highly discussed, yet also to go severely overlooked, is with plastic pollution in the worlds oceans.

Videos from beautiful, tropical locations show waves and waves of plastic bags, bottles, headphones and other plastic based items being washed onto beaches and clogging fishing zones.38085407_10204805691419673_585239197305012224_n

To raise further awareness of this environmental pollution, Vice have been in partnership with Adidas and Parley’s joint venture to design a plastic free world; which involves using discarded plastic to create shoes and items of clothing.

Our very own William Stankay created the score for this documentary, with 90% of the music being original earth noise; including noises and recordings from the Arctic, Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

You can find the documentary here.

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