The Irish Independant – Colm MacConIomaire

Irish indieColm MacConIomaire’s beautiful track “Thou Shalt Not Carry Timber” is being used as the soundtrack to The Irish Independant’s “Man of Words” autumn TV & Radio campaign. The track is from Colm’s solo album, “The Hare’s Corner”, a rich musical soundscape, beautiful, warm & atmospheric.

ITV Injustice – Magnus Fiennes


Injustice – The five-part series from acclaimed writer Anthony Horowitz is being aired on ITV this June, with a score composed by Magnus Fiennes. Injustice is a story of friendship, conspiracy, betrayal and murder as well as a critical look at the way the legal system operates.

Seal – Weight of my Mistakes

“Weight of my Mistakes” Seal’s second single from Seal 6 – Commitment, co-written by Gus Isidore was released globally in December 2010. The song has been syched on recent episodes of “Undercovers” and “Breaking Down The Bars” as well as featuring on “Dancing With The Stars”.