Praise for SquallEchoRale!

There is lots of praise coming in for Louise Connell’s Album “SquallEchoRale” ahead of the scheduled release this Friday June 7th! Songs off the album have been played across BBC Scotland by DJ’s Billy Sloan and Roddy Hart, as well as Brian Byrne on Camglen Radio.

Some praise for the album: “There is heart and there is warmth and there is integrity behind everything she does”- Roddy Hart

“One of the best songs of the night”- Billy Sloan

As well as high praise for the album launch gig: “The 12 song set was a masterclass and hugely enjoyable for a crowd that included family, radio presenters, musicians and press; it also had fans. It had fans who sang every word and who lapped up every delightful moment. It had fans who weren’t fans when they entered the venue but were certainly fans when they left.” (John Brown, Patchcord News)