Praise for The Walker Roaders!

In case you missed it, James Fearnley, co founder and long time member of the Pogues is back with what you could certainly call a Celtic-Punk supergroup.

The group is made up of Flogging Molly co-founder and Grammy Award-winning producer Ted Hutt, multi-instrumentalist and key Dropkick Murphys member Marc Orrell, as well as Bassist Brad Wood, fiddler Kieran Mulroney and drummer Bryan Head.

The self titled debut album is out on August 23rd via Ginger Man/Beverly Martel, but in the meantime you can stream the two singles ‘Will You Go Lassie Go” and “Lord Randall’s Bastard Son”.

The album has already picked up a glowing 4 star review in Mojo Magazine, but also coverage from the Billboard website, where the latest single “Lord Randall’s Bastard Son” is examined for the influence it takes from Bob Dylan’s seminal track “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall”.

The track, like it’s Dylan counterpart, is a reflection on the present day and the images we are confronted with, Fearnley is listening things that frighten him, particularly in America.