Stop Press! First Sync News for 2019!


Cold War Espionage series Deutschland ’83 was given the Rocky Horror Picture show treatment for Episode 10 of Series 2.

Set 3 years later (and thus called Deutschland ’86) the episode features the tracks (composed by Richard O’Brien) “Science Fiction Double Feature” and “Over at Frankenstein Palace”.

Screenshot 2019-01-21 at 10.15.58Elsewhere another Rocky Horror track “Time Warp” was used in the French film “Une Jeunesse Dorée” (Golden Youth). Released on January 16th, the film is set in Paris in 1979, and centres around young couple, Rose and Michel.

After a chance meeting with a bohemian couple much older than them, Rose and Michel are taken under their wing and shown a different way to live.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is touring as a live stage show this year! Find a venue near you here.